Facilities For At Risk Youth

Facilities for at risk teens are located across the country. They range in all types of general and specialized care. When choosing a program for your teen there are a number of things to consider

Location. The proximity of the facility to your home and your child's friends can effect how well you teen does. In some cases it might be advisable to move your child to a remote area of the country where no trace of their past life is recognizable. If a student has too many close friends nearby it may increase the chances of a run-away occurring.

Duration. There are long and short term programs. Short term programs like boot camps and wilderness camps are intense. They are designed to make the teen think through issues they have never considered. I've seen immense growth in these short term settings. Many students miss them after being discharged. But while they are there many students don't realize how neat an experience they are having.

Other facilities are long term. These are designed to move beyond short term issues and get their life on track. Most of the time a short term program (like a camp) is required before being admitted into a therapeutic boarding school or residential treatment center.

Focus & Specialty. Each facility will have a specific thing they specialize in. Some common areas of specialty are academics, discipline, family therapy, extracurricular activities, drug rehab, anger management, eating disorders, suicidal tendencies, self esteem, and student success follow-through. Every program will include some combination of these things. Tell your educational consultant or counselor the specialties that are important to you.

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